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We're best friends with our publishers.

Data, technology, and exclusive campaigns that convert better than the rest, without all that sneaky stuff.
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Friends pay you on time

Payouts are on time, every time.

Nobody wants to have that awkward conversation, and true friends would never put each other in the position of having to ask "Where's that money you owe me?".
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Friends are good at sharing

We deliver real-time data, audiences, and signals.

Our systems are beaming data, events, and insights from our advertisers straight to the welcoming arms of our publishers, creating a truly symbiotic partnership.
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Brokering? Boring.

Handcrafted publisher-specific deals

True Partnership

Our team is creating real connections between advertisers and publishers, with performance first. Better monetization, paid testing,CPL, CPCs, CPMs, CPW(hatever), and more!
(Re)targeting data and audiences

Data Co-Op

Berserker's VisitorID pixel allows us to share and enhance real-time, targeted data and campaign-level insights with our advertiser and publishers.
Exclusive Campaigns + Data + Friendship


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